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F.A.Q. Section
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How can I find out more about making my first rag rug?
Look on the videos page for Heather Ritchie's Guide to Making a Hooky Rug. There are lots of other instructional videos on YouTube.

Where can I find the tools and other equipment I need to get started?
Heather supplies a range of equipment for rug making or try your favourite search engine to find other suppliers.

Are there any classes in the UK I can attend to learn more about rug making?
One very popular event is the Reeth Rug Retreat held in Swaledale, North Yorkshire every September and organised by Heather and Cilla Cameron. Heather also offers classes in her workshop and other rug making classes can be found through your favourite search engine.

How long did it take Lesley to write Hooked Rug Storytelling: The Art of Heather Ritchie?
It took me about two years from a first draft chapter to show to Heather to the finished manuscript.

Does Lesley have plans for more books?
Yes, I'm currently working on two non-rug books at the moment and Heather and I hope to co-operate on another rug book before too long.
Lesley Mary Close

I'm very interested in Heather's Rug Aid project. Where can I found out more about her work in The Gambia?
The Rug Aid web site contains a lot of information, photos and videos about the project. You'll find a Rug Aid newsletter online here and you can sign up to receive future editions.
Heather Ritchie